5 movies to watch if you have a sweet tooth and want to boost your confidence!


Do you crave for the sweet things and want to boost your confidence?

Ok, now you may ask what does chocolates and sweets has to do with self-confidence and inner strength.

The answer is nothing and everything. Just by eating sweets and confectionary, you won’t become a confident diva. But by baking these yummy treats your mood will brighten. I can guarantee that!

Even the scientists say that baking or cooking can lighten your moods. Whipping up sweet treats is therapeutic and helps to ease depression and anxiety. There are at times moments or phases of life when we face when we feel down and low. Life does seem easier when we are self-confident and builds our inner strength. When I was going through my difficult times and didn’t know how to control my emotions, I decided to bake and make desserts. I cooked and baked almost every day. I tried new recipes from all over the world. It was an incredibly healing and meditative process. I drew my inner strength from what I could do.

So if you love Truffles, Pies, Tarts, Chocolates, Coffee with a dash of Cinnamon, then you would enjoy these movies. So let’s bake and cook some inner resilience and delicious self-acceptance.

  1. The Sweet Bean

Watch this gentle and simple Japanese movie about food and the passion for work. The story revolves around a small Dorayaki (a Japanese style pancake) shop. School girls visit this shop and relish the pancake with the sweet bean paste. The cook hires a senior woman after much persistence to help him with the authentic preparation of pancakes and sweet bean paste. Watching the old lady making pancakes and bean paste is a visual treat. You will be simply stunned by the effort she puts in. You would surely like to make a pancake after watching this movie. The movie is not just about pancakes and cherry blossom trees, though you will be stunned by the visuals. The soul of the film lies in fulfilling a sense of purpose, hope, and compassion.

  1. English Vinglish

English Vinglish is a Hindi comedy film about a simple traditional Indian homemaker who makes and sells Laddoos (Indian sweet balls made with gram flour and sugar syrup) as a home run business. She feels insecure and under confident as she is mocked and looked down upon by her husband and daughter because of her inability to speak English. She travels to the USA for a family wedding and gets enrolled in an English speaking class. Watch the journey of a straightforward and traditional woman to becoming a confident woman giving a touching toast on family and marriage in English to the newly married couple.

  1. Chocolat

Chocolat is a story about a woman and her daughter who open a small chocolate shop in a conservative French village. The woman does not fit well the conventions of the local community as she is cheerful, friendly, open-hearted and mother to an illegitimate child. And all the more she is enticing locals with her sumptuous and sensual treats.

The village is very appalled by the idea of eating chocolates as they consider it as self-indulgent. There is a fight between local traditions of self-denial and absenteeism and pleasure symbolized by chocolates. But the lady remains optimistic about her business. Watch this empowering movie where the woman is unapologetic and unashamed about her life choices and a symbolic defeat of patriarchy

  1. Waitress

Do you love pies and peachy tarts? You will surely enjoy this comfy movie about a hardworking young waitress, Jenna, stuck in an unhappy marriage and a dead-end job. She is tired of her abusive husband and wants to get away from him. She soon discovers that she is pregnant and meets a handsome and charming gynecologist. An impulsive affair begins between them as he is the man of her dreams, the man she always wanted. But the doctor backs out of marriage because of his family commitments. Jenna finds solace in baking and finally gives birth to her daughter Lulu. She finally leaves her husband and ends the relationship with the doctor and starts her tarts restaurant.

  1. Coffee Shop

It’s a simple clichéd story of a young and smart coffee shop owner who has the right recipe for her brew but has failed to find the right blend for her happiness and love in her life. But she is facing loan issues, and her barista shop is facing foreclosure. Watch this simple movie about finding identity and self-worth.

So grab your cuppa and wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and enjoy!


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