Confessions of a Sugarholic

If you have followed this blog or read some of the posts, you’ll know that I have a big sweet tooth. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration if I say that I am addicted to sugar and anything sweet.

I want sugar if I feel low, I want sugar if I feel good. I crave sugar if I am excited, and I want sugar if I feel anxious. Sugar is a cure to my every problem. Give me a can of Coke or a slice of cake, and I am sorted.

I begin every morning by promising myself, that I will watch my sugar binge today. I do watch it but don’t much about it except promising myself that tomorrow would be better.

Many of you will identify with this.

I have already discovered what sugar has done to my body and mind. Though by the grace of God, I don’t have severe illness, still I decided to eliminate sugar from my diet drastically.

I have vivid memories of visiting bakery and sweets shop with my parents. I used to pick up everything be it cookies, cakes, toffees, chocolates. There has never been a single day in my life that has gone without consuming sugar.

We all know less sugar is good for health. High sugar intake can suppress the immune system, cause hyperactivity, anxiety, tooth decay, premature aging, obesity, diabetes, cancer, dementia, epilepsy and many other illnesses. There are a variety of journals, articles, and books written on the dark side of sugar and sugarless diet. Are they of any help? I don’t think so.

Eliminating sugar from the diet is not possible as it is included in many recipes and comes in many forms. It is also present in a variety of fruits and vegetables. The ingredient label on the product is often misleading and incorrect. The manufacturers will usually break up the composition and will spread it into many forms. That means there is a lot of sugar in the products that we consume. If you look at the label for any fruit yogurt, it doesn’t tell how much sugar is naturally present in the product and how much is added by the manufacturer.

My hair started turning grey at a very young age. And no, it wasn’t genetic. My high sugar diet was the culprit. Many studies prove that high intake of sugar leads to premature greying of hair. It is also responsible for my sudden weight gain. As the body ages, the metabolism slows which leads to more sugar cravings.

As I said earlier, I am not cutting on sugar. Fortunately, in my case, my addiction is not that strong. I think I can achieve my health goals by willpower and some cheat techniques.

I prefer to bake and cook food on my own. It is not just healing but also helps me in cutting the amount of sugar. I can add honey, jaggery, and dates instead of sugar. By cooking and baking at home from scratch, I can choose my ingredients wisely. Instead of all-purpose flour use, whole grain flours and instead of choco chips use almonds. I make conscious food choices. I do sometimes cheat, by sprinkling something attractive on my food. But its ok I guess!

10497142_10204640407552988_6990185626152389919_oCake made with whole wheat flour and jaggery 

I don’t starve myself off sugar. I eat one dessert per week and limit my portions. I try to compensate by taking an extra mile long walks.

10382130_10204473424338512_7550589420763949280_oMango pudding with no extra added sugar 

Traditional milkshakes made with ice cream and chocolate can create havoc with my plans. I make my milkshakes and ice creams with frozen fruits.

10275298_10204337906430649_7683020864505937351_oMuskmelon Fruit Shake 


1548112_10204414349541679_4384666794654571118_oFruit yogurt made with mango and Indian blackberry 

I am trying to be emotionally calm as it affects the overall health. The more depressed I feel, the more sugar craving I have.

I admit I can’t avoid sugar.

Sugar is now a treat for me, and I have to earn it now.

10443158_10204760106985399_6473770417500865449_oPumpkin Pudding made with honey instead of sugar 

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Sugarholic

  1. I have exactly the same strong feelings towards sugar that you do! Like you I’m aware that it’s a problem and that really is the first step to recovery. I’ve found that sugar free mints are somewhat helpful in throwing a spanner into the craving loop. However, I may now be addicted to sugar free mints! 😀 you can’t win them all!

    I find the more you develop good habits away from your addiction, the easier each day becomes. Our sugar habits will always be there, lurking in the background, ready to prey on a moment of weakness, but if we believe that we are able to beat it in our own way, we can overcome it.

    All the best to you

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  2. I can relate to every word that you said. In order to avoid one addiction, we may get unconsciously get addicted to something else. True, we cant win all the wars. But we have to begin it somewhere before it gets too late. I hope you can walk through your sugarless journey sweetly. Best, Shipra

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  3. I am struggling with removing sugar from my diet… ADDED sugar… the single most difficult thing I have EVER DONE!!!! Love this blog post! x


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