Movies depicting unusual bonding and relationships!

Can a man and woman be just friends?

This question is age-old.

In our daily life, we have seen men and women bonding together and forming a unique connection. This connection is not sexual, asexual or platonic. They are more than friends and not merely discussing office issues, family life. They are not your regular bosom buddies or confidants. They just don’t go for an occasional movie or just sip a cup of coffee together.

Our prying eyes and overactive mind sometimes refuse to believe that they are merely friends with no sexual strings attached. There is always that dominant thought that reminds us that this is just a façade and sexual impulses are dancing shyly in some corner.

Our movies have always put forth this idea that men and women can’t be just friends. Most romantic liaisons begin with casual friendships and end up on a bed.

It is inevitable that men and women interact with each other all the time. Since a young age, they start playing, studying and working, side-by-side. After a particular period, they start communicating with each other as sexes. The determining factor after adolescence is ‘clicking.’ We have often heard these words, ‘I just click with him.’

But there are some rare and uncommon bondings for which there is no name. These relationships just happen.

These relationships are formed at higher consciousness and have an unusual depth in them. They have been shaped in the cosmic kiln and symbolize that divine wholeness.

They are magical, poetical, mesmerizing, but they are not romantic. The relationships are honest and have a certain amount of passion.

There is a broad and profound soul connection. People come home to themselves in these relationships. They represent a new paradigm in the world of relationships and is beyond common sense and worldly wisdom.

Here is a list of four movies where protagonists form a profound and deep connection:

  1. L’Etudiante et Monsieur Henri (The Student and Mister Henri)(2016)

This is a story of rare bonding between Constance, a young and aspiring art student and old and cantankerous Mr. Henri. Constance wants to enroll in a prestigious art school and is looking for a room in Paris. After some maneuvering, she gets a room but with an odd condition that she has to fulfill.

The French movie is full of hilarious and tender-hearted moments. The old and grumpy man is full of sarcasm and tries to make the life of the young girl difficult. But gradually the ice melts between the two, and they both develop a strong emotional bonding and face their demons together. The old man uplifts and encourages the young girl to pursue her dreams, and the young girl becomes part of his family dynamics.

  1. Auf das Leben! (To life) (2014)

This German film is about an aging cabaret singer and her unlikely friendship with a young man who helps her in packing when she gets evicted from her apartment. Disappointed with life, she tries to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Jonas, a young man, is fighting his inner demons and hiding a secret helps Ruth and saves her life.

Jonas and Ruth form an unlikely friendship and develop a deep bond. The film focuses on Ruth’s past and her tragic relationship with a non-Jewish war photographer in post-war World War II. Jonas helps her overcome her past, and in return, she helps him in accepting his illness and tackling his fears.

  1. Black (2005)

Black is one of the finest and path-breaking films that Hindi film industry has ever produced. The film is about a differently-abled girl whose life is silent and is as dark as black. She finds a teacher who takes her to the world of light, sound, color, and knowledge. The film is dark but not depressing. It is devoid of color but defines black differently. The sheer grit of the girl who can’t see, talk or hear, and her relationship with her aging teacher who is suffering from Alzheimer’s is genuinely heart-wrenching.

  1. Begin Again (2013)

Begin Again is an American musical about two lost souls. A former successful musician is estranged from his wife and is on a drinking spree. He meets a young and independent musician who has broken up with her long-time boyfriend and music partner. They both collaborate on a music album defying the norms of the capitalist music industry. Their energy like their collaboration is fresh, raw and enchanting. Their musical journey proves to be transformative and liberating for both. Their bonding yet again is unusual, and the connection is soulful.

Do share other movies that tell the story of extraordinary and soulful bonding.

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