Tonight, dance by the city lights!


Have you ever gone for a walk at night?


Have you witnessed the quietness of the city at night?

Have you seen the city lights quietly dancing away by night?


No, I am not talking about the drinking, singing, food and dancing parties at night?


I am talking about the time when roads are empty, and dancing and singing gangs have retreated to their homes. I am talking about the time when traffic sound is not predominant.


Sometimes, the quiet façade of the city makes the sleep difficult as we are so used to ubiquitous sound. Even a couple of minutes of silence feels unnatural and unsafe. We are so used to the loud and bustling cities that finding a soft and quiet spot is seemingly impossible.


If sleep eludes you tonight, try going for a little stroll in your city.

Explore the darkness amidst the dancing lights.

Explore, probe, examine the endless possibilities in the night city.

Cities assume a different character at night. They look calm, still, tranquil and mysterious. You will find spots where no one goes; they are darker than the dark. You’ll find empty benches and dark alleys. You will find an occasional soul dog walking or some nocturnal soul whistling at the corner.


Liberate and reinvent yourself with every footstep and get disconnected with every fear. Reveal yourself to yourself in this darkness which stretches from corner to corner. Engage yourself with every emotion, with every thought and with every rhythm of life.

Embrace your darkness tonight!

Every light, every street, create stories at night.

Find your story tonight!

The nocturnal city awaits you.



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