Be Boho, Be Different

Do you feel you are born in the wrong decade?

Are you a maverick with a gypsy soul?

Do you want to live like a wanderer exploring arts, cultures wearing a loose fitting flowery dress and a headband?

Do you want to visit India, Morocco, Uzbekistan or Africa, the new boho homes?


You are in luck flower child; this whole hippiedom has gone global! The whole hippiedom and unconventional life again look appealing.

Being unusually enchanting and exciting and roaming around the world like a vagabond is trendy again.

Bohemianism is back. Gypsy clothes are again in style, and Bohemian style home décor has taken on a whole new level of popularity.  The term Bohemianism emerged in France in the early nineteenth century when artists and creators who were frugal or adopted voluntary poverty began to concentrate in lower-end neighborhoods. Bohemian was popularised in William Makepeace Thackeray’s novel, Vanity Fair, published in 1848.

Hippie movement started in 60’s and 70’s and had raised a significant amount of academic interest. The vast amount of literary studies and memoirs have been written on the counterculture and the behavior, lifestyle, day-to-day living. Recently, there is quite a revival of interest in boho subcultures like their clothes and attitudes towards free sex and politics.

There is a revival of sorts for Boho culture be it home décor, arts or clothes! Vintage, artistic, folksy are back in vogue.

Home Décor

There are no rules that define Boho home décor.

Just mix and match pillows and throws with a lot of bright and bold colors and voila your dull sofa is turned into a comfy place for watching movies or late night reading or for soul chit chatting. It has to be a casual space and supportive place that brings your inner creative self out.

Go for tribal and ethnic patterns in natural materials that breathe. Go for cotton, tussar, and mulmul. Add a handmade wall piece or earthen lamps and candles for that eye-catching centerpiece.

Boho screams rugs, rugs and more rugs!

Rush to your nearest thrift store and explore local craft bazaars for your Boho décor.

Boho Arts

Think creative and think natural and what people can make with hands for Boho Arts.

Use wood, pebbles, glass, jute, and metals.

Embroidery, crochet, woodwork, painting, jewelry making are some of the boho arts that you can undertake.

Sew your maxi or make your own beaded bracelet this weekend!


Boho Clothes

Boho look is about being yourself. Bring out your natural self and develop your personality. You don’t have to follow any trend because then you lose the bohoness!


So wear something flowy, flowery and earthy. Tight fitting clothes are entirely no-no. Use natural fabrics that make you feel relaxed with pastel colors and ornate patterns.

Ethnic jewelry, skirts, scarves, shawls, head crowns and natural looking hair with minimal makeup is ideal.

Being Boho is not just about clothes or jewelry you wear or arts you do.

It’s about freeing your mind of all the clutter like negative thoughts and anything that holds you back.  It is about getting unchained from norms, customs, beliefs, and rituals. It’s about challenging the status quo.

Have a carefree attitude with original, organic and nonconformist style and life.

Don’t horde extra stuff be it a pair of shoes or that new lip shade.

Try minimalism, give away the stuff that you haven’t used or will never use.

Be a wanderer; embrace life.

Be a lover. Love life, beauty, plants, sky, moon, clouds, and dew drops.

Wak on the fresh grass and enjoy the warm sunshine.

Embrace bohemianism! Be you and appreciate life in all its forms.




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