Stay warm, Stay cozy with Murder Mysteries

 Winter is yet to unfold its grey and dreary sky entirely, but the mood has already started falling. You don’t want to go out and just want to hibernate in a cozy blanket on your armchair.

Winter is a perfect season to snuggle with a book and a cup of hot cinnamon spiced coffee.

Try a cozy mystery this time. You will surely enjoy these quick crime reads if you don’t like too much sex, blood, and violence.

You will meet believable, pleasant and likable characters in a small town setting. You will relish the camaraderie among lovely friends and hobby club members.  Presence of adorable dogs and cats is another plus point in these novels.

myster 4

They are not your regular hard-boiled crime novels where professional detectives are singularly focused on solving an organized crime. You will not have scary dreams full of hungry and blood-seeking zombies, vampires and witches after reading cozy murder mysteries.

The plot usually revolves around the lives of local entrepreneurs such as cupcake and knitting shop owners and wedding planners. The lead detective is often seen knitting scarf or cooking delectable recipes during the day and unraveling the murder mysteries during the night.

The stories are typically light, gentle, fun and not mysteriously dark and disturbing. You’ll be licking bowls, sewing wedding gowns, whipping up delicious pastries after reading them.

mystery emb

There is an opulence of art, craft, and style in this genre.

Take out a luxurious throw and stay warm and toasty this winter!


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