It all starts with Coffee!

My day begins with a big cup of coffee. I don’t know any other way to start my day. If not coffee, then what?

I don’t like tea….no black tea, green tea, pink tea or yellow tea. Or whatever!

There is nothing more blissful and delightful than a hot, steamy and strong cup of coffee. Who says size doesn’t matter? Bigger the cup the better it is.

Did I forget to tell you that it should be creamy and bold?

Nothing like the kickass aroma of an early morning coffee. Add a little chocolate to it, and an ordinary cup turns into divine and saintly.

Just imagine, what would happen to the world if there was no coffee? Do you know, coffee crops are in distress due to climate change and global warming.

Will the world go into some crazy caffeine crisis?

What will happen to all the friendships that have been fuelled by those endless cups of coffee? How will romantic or frivolous talk and gossiping happen without a cup of coffee?

What will happen to all the office productivity theories around coffee? We all know that New York city is caffeine obsessed. And how will the Wall Street run without Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks?

What will happen to all the intellectual talk in the Universities and Coffeehouses? There have been attempts to ban coffee in some countries as it was considered a very radical drink.

Imagine the emptiness in France without Parisian Café’s that served Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

Will Lorelai (of Gilmore Girls) remain Lorelai without

Source: Natalie Monaco,

Will the world turn into a dull, unimaginative and big grumpy place?

Well, let us ponder over these questions while slowly sipping the most egalitarian drink, coffee!


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