My Obituary

Shipra became stardust on a moonlit night under the sea of shining stars. She was strolling through the bylanes of an obdurate city on a solitary night when she drowned in the sudden flash flood unleashed by memories, desires and unfulfilled expectations. The abandoned and howling dogs and the awakened crows confirmed her timely death.

The not so young woman lived an ordinary life, died an ordinary death and had an ordinary life story.

Between her unmemorable life and nondescript death, she drank zillion cups of coffee, baked infinite number of banana walnut bread and hoarded a cargo of fictional books.

She remained continuously perplexed at the mysteries of her inconsequential life and blunderingly tried to unfold the conundrum in her story. In her not so remarkable journey, she traversed through vast oceans of emptiness and valleys of voids.

She marveled at the grandeur of the eternally monkish universe and wished that someday could meander unaccompanied in the Andromeda Galaxy.

As per her last wishes, the remains of her body will be cremated and ashes dispersed in a nearby forest.

Let us hope that her eccentric and misanthropist soul will find some bliss and contentment wandering in the celestial space.


4 thoughts on “My Obituary

  1. Hmm … This is the only article of yours where I am perplexed and reread many times. There is something, some thin thread of glimmering hope visible, but I am loosing it. May be its because of the state in which you wrote it, may be the reader should be in that to clearly feel it! or is there not that much to think? Either way, I am still in the doubt!

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