Path of Life

In life, there are times, when we stand at crossroads and wonder about the path of our lives. We are in a dilemma as to which way to choose. We are scared as we don’t know, what lies ahead on the path. There may be unknown and unfamiliar turns, twists, and detours.
But this is a unique opportunity bestowed on us by the universe. It is the time when we have to experience life in all its shades and hues. We may not do this by choice, but the ebb and flow of life present itself in a way that we experience life in its binary. Both good/bad, pleasant/unpleasant are offered to us for savoring the life. At this juncture, we should embrace the seasons of life and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the chill of the winter.
Consider it as a grace, which has come our way for making us richer and wiser. After, life is all about dualities and then dissolving those dualities.
We all have to walk the path of life. There is no readymade path lying out there. You have to create this path by walking on it. How do you know which is the right path? Unless you walk and experience all, how can you decide which is the correct path? Sometimes, the road you may take will lead you to the dead end. But isn’t life a journey and not destination.
We all have to create a unique path and pursue it sincerely. Some of us have to follow it for miles before we know if it is right or wrong for us. There is no right or wrong path. Our capacity, temperament and life choices that agree with us help us decide on which way to walk and how far we have to walk. Both our social environment and intrinsic nature play a considerable role in following that path.
Remember, there are many paths. And they all lead to the ultimate and universal goal.
I know, we all inherently want to choose, the path of less misery and pain. But start cooperating with the universe, and you will suffer less misery and pain. You never know, what is disguised as pain and unhappiness. The safest path is anyways not the best path. So, enjoy every fragrance that is sprinkled on the way whether sweet or bitter.


7 thoughts on “Path of Life

  1. Subtle and refined article!

    I wanna ask: how to cooperate with Universe? Is it possible to take all the paths? In the moment of choice, when choosing a path at a junction, how to choose? If we choose one path, are we going to loose the experience of other path? If all paths lead to ONE goal, then what is the use or essence of so many experiences of so many paths?

    What is your perception on this?

    I am looking for a golden thread here. I slightly saw it shining, but could not hold it. So the questions that I asked will help me, catch it. πŸ™‚

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  2. I guess life offers us many paths. We choose one over the other based on our interest, our belief that this is better than the rest or our external circumstances. But that path sometimes doesn’t lead us to desired goal or makes us happy. Or sometimes due to some factor, we are unable to follow our heart. That again leads to mysery. So only after walking a bit we get to know what works for us and what doesn’t.

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  3. And I don’t have a readymade answer. Sometimes (it has happened with me) i don’t want to do something but after doing it, I realize it wasn’t that bad. so I guess…life is meant to be experienced. If one is meant to reach somewhere, you will reach..what path you take doesn’t matter.


  4. What if some paths are not retractable? Like, one of your articles says woman has freedom to choose not to have kids. What if they realise it after having kids? Are they not ethically entangled? Life giving lemons, in small quantities is fine. What do you think one should do, when it gives such a big πŸŽƒ sized lemon!?

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  5. Well, we all have to bear the consequences of our decisions. There is no escape from that.
    And in this scenario, one of the three may happen:
    1. She may start enjoying motherhood…who knows? We all change with time and circumstances for good. Our attitudes do change!
    2. She will be miserable till her death.
    3. She will be neutral and indifferent. She will accept what has happened without making many hues and cry about it. She will nibhao her motherly responsibilities without getting attached.

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