Season of Politics arrives!

In the past few months, we have all seen countless weddings on screen and off screen. November- December is traditionally the wedding season in India. So from flamboyant Ambani’s, Deepika – Ranveer and Priyanka – Nick Jonas to pados wale Bobby ki Shaadi, we have seen it all. We saw Ambani queen dancing, to who’s who of Bollywood serving baratis to couture wedding dresses, uff the social media went crazy! All those wedding dresses adorned by Anushka, Deepika, Aishwarya and others look like they have been cut from the same thaan of some Chandni Chowk ki dukaan and stitched by the same darzi, literally.

If your eyes are tired of looking at the same drab look, get ready for some khadi and handloom look as we are just a few months away from the General elections, the biggest showdown of democracy. TV anchors, debate panelists, and politicians will take out their vintage handloom sarees from their trunk.

Will Mamta Banerjee in pure, crisp white cotton dhaniakhali sarees or the gorgeous handloom saree collection of the mother-daughter duo from the Gandhi family will sway the Indian public? The other Gandhi bahu is not far behind in her choice of heritage dares.

Not to forget the jacket and colorful turbans of Narendra Modi. Let’s see if his signature handloom half sleeved kurtas shine again in 2019.

The season of gathbandhans and mahagathbandhans is here. Who will spill the tea at the high tea parties and chai pe charchas that will be dotting the Indian political landscape?

We will see loyalties shifting as political leaders move from the pack of wolves to pack of dogs. There will be some who will stand out of the pack. Age, caste, education, wealth, family name everything matters and makes for political realignment.

Some young and some not so young political candidates will color the canvas. It will be interesting to see between mother and the son, who rules the roost. Oh, by the way, what happened to Varun Gandhi? Will he emerge from the shadows or we will see Prashant Kishore rising as the hope for a new and young India?

Will Modi- Shah chemistry ensures another win for BJP or the arithmetic of others will work this time?

Political gossips and heated conversations will be added to already massive levels of pollen, dust and other allergens in the Indian air.

Grab a cuppa, and enjoy the overdramatic TV debates. Everything will be discussed Gods to fugitives and hear temple bells to the mooing of the cow.

7 thoughts on “Season of Politics arrives!

  1. There is an individual choice and a collective choice. There is something good for me and then there is good for the larger society I live in. For example, I don’t want to pay taxes, I don’t want to follow traffic rules etc. But for the larger good, there are certain things that are to be done. They may cause on the surface level some inconvenience to me but on the whole they are good for me and everyone around me. Think of following traffic rule example again. Rousseau gave this concept of general will and how we free ourselves when we obey the law in a society. So, I guess we all have to make this choice whether it’s me or my country.

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  2. Haha tq! … Interesting analogy. But how often do we know which choices effect in what ways? In your example, about taxes, though everyone has a constrained choice, they can gauge the result with little education. But in all other things, we act before we gauge results in case of larger magnitude (like society or country) (in case of personal acts, atleast we own the conscience of our acts and results). So in those situations, how shd people choose their act acc to you?

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