Banaras- Bylane of Life and Death

Threads of faith
Little islands of hope and gratitude
Glory to the maker
Threads of faith
these old eyes can still see….
Pick me up?
Dexterity comes by experience
Celebrating death
Where does life begin, and where does it stop?
We are spectators in this big bazaar of life and death

9 thoughts on “Banaras- Bylane of Life and Death

  1. Yes indeed! I have never witnessed two ends of a spectrum together. Infact one realizes that life and death are not two opposing ends but two sides of the same coin. Who knows we actually start living after we die?

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  2. Many a times when guests at my home get excited after they see a glimpse of Banaras through the pictures on my wall and they ask about tge attractions there, I get confused as to what to tell them. Reason is many I have seen has a typical expectation of what a tourist place would be like.

    Banaras is different and one can eitger have that in them to appreciate Banaras or they don’t. Through the pics posted in here I can say that you have that kind of worldview to let you enjoy that place at the fullest. I am Banarasi so one may allege that I am biased but still I dare to say, I am yet to see a place with so much of life, energy, mysticism.

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  3. Banaras is a little cosmos in itself. I think God first made Benaras and then the whole world.
    You can see life manifesting itself in full form, and you see death in all its glory. You can see dirt/filth, and still, you can feel ultimate bliss and purity.
    The ultimate way to understand life/world or for that matter Banaras is to become a flaneur. Just roam around the city and let the city choose what it wants to show you.

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  4. You sound so much like a true Banarasi. You have that अल्हड़ दृष्टि for life. You have that शिवम् in you to see truth manifested in things which otherwise abandoned by the society while they intelectualized to bracket in good and the evil.

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  5. When the right moment comes, life itself prepares and helps one in shattering the binaries of good/evil. One just has to be receptive of his/her grace by quietly accepting all thorns that lay in the path.

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