New Journey

I have started Kolam Konnect, a women-focused digital platform that brings together inspiring stories from woman entrepreneurs and change makers and connects woman focused brands and products to the marketplace.

I’ll be covering stories, news, views, and interviews about women entrepreneurs, change makers and trendsetters who are making a social impact across various sectors such as business, politics, lifestyle, entertainment.

Please do write to me if you want your story to be covered on

13 thoughts on “New Journey

  1. Is the citybanjaran blog at halt? Or the two blogs/websites go side by side? I was trying to look at new articles in the line of old genre and it brought me to kolam konnect website when I pressed the icon on comment. So I was wondering if the old blog is still active or not!

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  2. Its still active and shall remain so. I didn’t realize that comment section is taking one to Kolam Konnect. i will look into this aspect. Thanks for pointing out. I am just little busy till Mid- April, hence will not be posting! Thanks

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