Alka Maurya: Sewing little bundles of joy to tackle the menace of plastic

Meet Alka Maurya from Sew Fab Stories who sews little bundles of joy from wallets to quilts and everything in between! With the aim of tackling the usage of plastic bags, she especially focusses on sling bags, tote bags, pouches.

Alka is an IT professional from Meerut, who moved to Bangalore for better job opportunities and worked with firms like Infosys, and IBM.

As any new and expectant would mother face, she too had a dilemma of what to do – whether to quit her job to be a full-time mother after the birth of her baby son or leave the child with a caregiver.

She started looking for an alternate career option as a part of her, still wanted to work but leaving her child with a caregiver was also tough for her.

Sewing fascinated her, being an inherently creative person. She used to design her clothes, during college days. But making bags and wallets was a different game. After a bit of trial and error, she made a wallet. Yes, she directly made a wallet instead of trying anything small. She posted it on Facebook and started receiving requests for more.

And this led to the birth of a fabulous sewist!

But wait, being a perfectionist, she decided to hone her craft a little more. Gradually she progressed to making bigger bags and pouches and started her business when she reached a desired level of perfection.

She started, ‘Sew Fab Stories’ in 2015 and has never looked back since then.

Every product of her’s has a unique story behind it, hence the name
‘Sew Fab Stories.’

She creates sustainable products that are not just pocket-friendly but are unique that stands out in the mass-produced goods. The fabric that she uses is suitable for sensitive skin and are eco-friendly. She customizes her products as per the demands of the customers such as selecting the right print and fabric, size of the bags, etc.

Check out her products here and here – fabulous shoelaces, kids belts, cute softies, fabric baskets, diaper bags, and pet collars, and you will know!

Reduction of plastic usage is the main aim of her enterprise. She wants to tackle the use of single-use plastic bags and designs reusable shopping bags and many such products which lead to reduced plastic usage in day to day life. She wants to focus on practical and local solutions that can have a significant impact on the local environment.

She started her journey alone and still works alone as she wants to give a personal touch to all her handcrafted products. No doubt, her customers love her and keep coming back as she provides perfect and flawless finishing touches to her products. She says, “Customers find my products beautiful as they are made in the environment of joy and happiness.”

The feather in her cap was winning a Bernina sewing machine for her much popular and in-demand “Bon Appetite” Lunch Bag.

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