Folklore and Millets: A Cultural Connection

United Nations has declared 2023 as the ‘International Year of the Millet’. This year is dedicated to promoting the consumption and cultivation of millets to improve food security, mitigate the effects of climate change, and promote sustainable agriculture. Millets are … Continue reading Folklore and Millets: A Cultural Connection

Quest for Immortality

A couple of weeks ago, I went with my friend for star gazing. One the one hand, we were looking at the immortal, eternal and unchanging sky, while on the other we were wondering if the stars were dead or alive at this moment. I felt so insignificant in the big, dark and cold cosmos while she expressed that every moment is so precious as this life and this world is so unique. She felt every moment should be preserved and cherished. Human beings have always been fascinated with the concept of immortality. A few years ago, I had read … Continue reading Quest for Immortality