No one wants an older woman!

Yesterday I came across a video on social media where a daughter in law was seen thrashing a fragile older woman in a village in Haryana. We all have heard similar stories of ill-treatment and neglect by the family members … Continue reading No one wants an older woman!

Working Mom’s Perspective: Balancing Career, Family and Her Own Well-Being

Meet Megha Srivastav, Head of the South Asia operations of a reputed Canadian University and a living organ donor who rummages into her parenting experience of her 6-year-old daughter who is a budding tennis player and pianist and loves doing … Continue reading Working Mom’s Perspective: Balancing Career, Family and Her Own Well-Being

Pass on the Baton of #MeToo movement

Finally, the #metoo movement, that has the potential to redraw the workplace equations between men and women reaches the entertainment industry and the media industry. Some big name and some not so big names have been accused of sexual harassment of varying nature. I am sad but not surprised to see the influential men being accused of sexual harassment of various kinds. They have used their position of power and influence to abuse their women co-workers be it their subordinates or peers. They have considered the women as mere bodies and as an object for their lust fulfilling purpose. The … Continue reading Pass on the Baton of #MeToo movement

Hijras: Looking for Respect

‘Hijras,’ ‘kinnars’, ‘khusras’ (transgenders) singing, dancing and blessing the mother after childbirth and newlyweds for fertility is a common sight in my middle-class Punjabi neighborhood in Delhi. One can not ignore their sexy moves and the choice of raunchy songs at such festivities. And now one can often see ‘hijras’ begging at traffic signals and railway stations. They are revered and have divine sanction in Hindu religion, and people seek their blessings. Indian epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana are full of references to Hijras and Kinnars. The union of Lord Shiva and Parvati resulted in the formation of Ardhnarishwar … Continue reading Hijras: Looking for Respect

My Obituary

Shipra became stardust on a moonlit night under the sea of shining stars. She was strolling through the bylanes of an obdurate city on a solitary night when she drowned in the sudden flash flood unleashed by memories, desires and unfulfilled expectations. The abandoned and howling dogs and the awakened crows confirmed her timely death. The not so young woman lived an ordinary life, died an ordinary death and had an ordinary life story. Between her unmemorable life and nondescript death, she drank zillion cups of coffee, baked infinite number of banana walnut bread and hoarded a cargo of fictional … Continue reading My Obituary