Celebrate the Phenomenal, Wild and Rebellious Woman within You

Kolam Konnect is a big tent for the fierce, fabulous and feminine voice that needs to be heard and empowered.

Kolam is drawn by thousands of women across different regions of India at pre-dawn at the threshold of the house. It is an intense geometric design consisting of dots and lines that symbolically connect her sacred private realm to the public, which is traditionally occupied by men. Intricate in design and dense with meaning, they are a blend of mathematics, art, science, and creativity. Harbinger of prosperity and good fortune, they are thought to block evil spirits from entering the home.

Many women across India are challenging social and cultural norms and making a space for themselves in the public arena. They have dared to cross the threshold of their house and have created assets and are creating their own space in both urban and rural India.

Kolam Konnect attempts to amplify these voices and shares stories of grit, courage, and passion from the social, cultural, economic, historical, political, philosophical and literary perspectives. We also provide a platform for small & medium-sized women entrepreneurs, brands and change agents to tell their story.

We are here to celebrate womanhood in all its forms and glory, whether she is a goddess or a witch.